4 Tips for Faster Learning

#1. Handwrite your Notes 📝

We live in an age where technology is king, so the thought of pulling out a notebook and pen may seem like you’re moving backward, but research has shown that there is a direct connection between cognitive retention and writing.

#2. No Cramming 🙅🏽

We’ve all heard students complain about how much they hate cramming for tests during Finals Week, but that can easily be (and should be) avoided at all costs. New skills are better learned in small doses instead of one long study session, so avoid the dreaded ‘cram week’ by reading over your notes once a day. This allows the brain to better absorb the information making it more likely for it to become second nature.

#3. Switch Up the Process 🔀

Let’s say you’re studying to become an HR generalist. You’ve passed the first introductory course and now your company is allowing you to do some hands-on training while you complete the rest of your studies. You’re given a handful of tasks to complete every day, and now you need to take the information you’ve learned and apply it to real situations. Human nature leans towards completing the tasks in the same order using the same method, but what we don’t realize is that by relying on repetition, our minds begin to retain the process instead of the information.

#4. A Healthy Brain is a Happy Brain 🧠

Have you ever attended a symphony performance and been amazed by the crispness of the sound that bellowed through the speakers? Have you ever thought about the amount of money, time, and attention that goes into the instrument that’s being played in order for it to sound that good? From specific temperature requirements to daily tuning, the condition of the instrument itself is often just as important as the musician himself.



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