What is Talent-Building and Who Needs It?

Unprecedented Skills Gap

Build vs. Buy

A Better Investment

  • Time — few companies give employees time to learn new skills
  • Finances — tuition assistance programs are typically tuition reimbursement programs, requiring employees to front the costs
  • Alignment — generalized training does not provide job-specific skills
  • Support — beyond time, finances, and alignment, issues like child care and transportation impede participation in talent development programs

Comprehensive Talent-Building is Possible

  • Assess current skills
  • Define needed new skills
  • Identify internal employees best suited to learn these new skills
  • Find the targeted, skill-specific learning development programs that can bridge the gap
  • Support employees through completion and transition into new roles

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Learn In is the first talent-building platform designed for companies to solve every barrier that stands in the way of creating tomorrow’s workforce.